Who is in control of your life?

I should imagine we all like to think that we are in control of our lives. Most of us obsessively more than others. Making sure that we over see to every little thing that goes on. Others might have a more laissez-faire approach, confident in the fact that they have already taken the right measures to ensure that things will turn out as they hope.


We come to rely on our own strength, therefore being very independent. There is nothing wrong with being independent. But how often do you stop to acknowledge that to accomplish certain things it takes more than just your will power. How many diets have been abandoned? How many times have you tried quitting an unhealthy habit? How often have we said that people cannot change? How many times have things turned out different despite your best laid out plans?


We do tend to give over certain aspects of control in our lives to others while holding on tightly to what we term as dear to our lives.


Zechariah 4:6

‘Your help will not come from your own strength and power. No, your help will come from My Spirit.’ This is what the Lord All-Powerful says.


Can you surrender control of your life to God?  All of it and not just part of it. Acknowledge the power that moves in your life is not your own.

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